Startup And SME Consulting

With an extensive experience in startups and small businesses, our consultants will help you pitch, build business plans, form teams and get investment. 

Digital Marketing

With over ten years of experience in SEO, Demand Generation and Content Marketing, our Digital Marketing experts are ready to plan and execute your next marketing campaign.

Strategy And Transformation

Every major conglomerate had to face its difficult times. Talk to our consultants to get your business out of a rut, or even pivot. Revisit your goals and discover your passion again.

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Android App Development

Power Smartphone, Tablets, Smartwatches and other devices with Android! Our expert Android developers build fast, scalable and user friendly apps that work across devices and Android versions without issues.

Web Development

At Elesix, our web designers and developers build your website around the best UX and marketing strategies. We provide custom corporate websites, intranet portals or eCommerce. 

iOS App Development

Our iOS app developers understand what it takes to build apps for the most discerning customers. We provide a complete suite of app development expertise for every iPhone and iPad on the market.

Hybrid App Development

We realize the need to build high quality apps that work on various mobile platforms. We use AngularJS/ Flutter to build innovative mobile apps that scale and work seamlessly on multiple devices.

What We Do

Elesix understands the business beyond the the apps and websites! Our agile development framework focuses on building intuitive, user-friendly and engaging apps and websites for maximum impact on your business.

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